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Leona Willener, Owner/President | Front Range Staffing Colorado Staffing Association Board Member and Legislative Liaison

Colorado has had some pretty major legislative changes that affect the Staffing Industry, and Employers as a whole. Below is a list for your perusal. I look forward to keeping each other educated on these new laws, and how to implement them into our own businesses. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you.

  • 2022 Colorado Employee Withholding Certificate. This form can lessen the taxes for employees, if they don’t want the standard deduction and ask about their tax deductions. [Form]

  • President Signs Infrastructure Bill with Workplace Provisions. Legislation impacts tax credits, grant programs and advisory boards. If passed, the WOTC, credit max on ordinary category would go from $2400 to $10000, extend the program to first 2 years of employment not one, increase first year and second year tax credit to equal of 50% of wages, and increase existing 6k wage cap to 10k. [Link]

  • The FFCRA Tax credit paid leave extension ended 12/31/2020 but the tax credit portion for businesses was extended until 3/31/2021.
  • The FFCRA was replaced by the Colorado Healthy Families & Workplaces Act (“HFWA”) and Paid Sick Leave  starting 1/1/2021. We are able to use the FFCRA credit until 3/31/2021 but if not approved, these benefits will be at the employers expense including the 48 hours of sick pay that started on 1/1/2021 that needs to be provided to all employees.
  • Minimum Wage order 2021- Minimum wage was raised to $12.32 per hour Statewide, $14.77 in the City and County of Denver and $40,500 for Salaried employees.
  • Equal Pay Act –The act requires an employer to announce to all employees employment advancement opportunities and job openings and the pay range for the openings.
  • Crown Act – This act offers protections against discrimination on the basis of one's race include hair texture, hair type, or a protective hairstyle commonly or historically associated with race, such as braids, locs, twists, tight coils or curls, cornrows, Bantu knots, Afros, and headwraps. This is a major change within the hospitality industry and what they can require as far as appearances.
  • State Paid Family and Medical Leave - Colorado’s Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program was approved by voters in November 2020, following passage of a ballot measure.  Employees and employers will begin paying into the program to fund it in 2023. Benefits through the program will be available beginning in 2024. The program will be administered by the newly created Family and Medical Leave Division in the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.
  • Colorado Secure Savings Program - Colorado is now requiring all but their smallest private-sector and nonprofit businesses to offer employees a retirement savings plan or enroll their eligible workers in a state-sponsored Roth Individual Retirement Account (IRA) plan. The Colorado Secure Savings Program Board still has to determine most of the details of the plan, including an implementation deadline.

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