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The Colorado Staffing Association is where Staffing Professionals go for Professional Development, Legislative Support and Resources, Industry Networking and Educational Opportunities. Our Industry Association stands as one to encourages Legal, Ethical and Professional Practices in the Staffing Industry.   

Staffing is an essential industry that provides vital flexibility and support to businesses, and opportunities and flexibility for employees. Every day, staffing businesses send three million employees to work in America’s offices, factories, hospitals, warehouses, and other work sites undefined virtually every place that Americans work, staffing employees are on the job.  

- A letter from our President, Adrian Dominguez.

CSA, the Colorado Staffing Association, is the premier industry association for the staffing industry in our state.  CSA works in tandem with ASA, the American Staffing Association, in regards to presenting opportunities for networking, collaboration, education in best practices, latest trends in the market, cutting edge technology, legislative changes, and more.  As a united front we also work very closely with representatives from ASA as it relates to standing up for our industry when it comes to the challenges we face in our state legislatively.  Over the last 12 months +, CSA members have been involved in hearings, committee meetings, etc., in regards to laws that can potentially have great impact, not only on our industry, but on our state on a macro level.  

Being a part of CSA not only keeps you up to date on what is going on in our industry here, but between our industry partners that provide solutions and the channels provided for collaboration and learning, you are not only “in the know” in regards to the current issues, but you will also be presented with ACTION PLANS that can work for you and your team.  One of the greatest advantages of being a member of CSA is the collective mental capital within our membership… not sure how to handle the pass through costs for your clients in the “FAMLI Act”?  We provided collaborative efforts to provide a road map for you and your business.   If you are in healthcare staffing, and grappling with what to do about new legislation that would not allow you to be compensated for your efforts due to the “NO CONVERSION FEE” statutes?  Grappling with retention of your best recruiters?   We have been presented these issues and many more, along with solutions. 

We have heard from a number of members that state that being a part of CSA is like having a “board of advisors” at your disposal at all times, that actually understand the challenges of your industry!  

Our annual conference in August brings together some of the best speakers and minds from our industry with fresh content, new perspectives, and it will absolutely energize you, your leadership, and your staff.   We exist to make our industry STRONGER here in Colorado, to educate on trends and best practices, to find positive solutions for challenging changes (whether legislatively or in the market), and to show the next generation that there is a home for their career in our amazing industry.  That is why we initiated not only monthly “Staffing Leaders Networking Calls”, but also our “Future Leaders Networking Calls”, recently.  We are MAKING A DIFFERENCE for our industry, and we hope you will consider joining us, and gleaning these benefits, and seeing the positive impact on your team over time…

The cost of membership is reasonable, as we know that our membership is primarily comprised of smaller, privately held staffing firms here in our state.  We hope to have you join us!

Adrian Dominguez, CSA President


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